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Pyramid Point can transform your company by making your sales culture a pillar of strength.  This all begins with a complete assessment of the key elements necessary to develop a world class sales culture. Some of the key components and areas of expertise include:
Government / Public Sector Strategy

Sales professionals need tools to be effective and productive. From reporting to quoting guidelines, Pyramid Point can help identify and develop the right tools to optimize performance.

Competitive Assessment and War Gaming
Performance Root Cause Analysis
KPI / SalesMetrics / Scorecard Development

Sales and Sales Management Process Development

Sales Coverage Optimization
Customer Segmentation
Sales Productivity Tools
Sales Compensation
Change Management

Top performing sales teams use consistent processes for selling and sales management. Our approach is to identify the best practices in your organization that drive the best performance and scale them out to the rest of the team. This enables much better adoption since it comes from within.

Pyramid Point will help assess your current coverage model and identify the appropriate deployment of sales resources to deliver the best results.

Pyramid Point can help you segment your customers based on their needs, behaviors, industry, and/or size. This helps you develop offers that are most relevant to them and deliver the best service.

The government marketplace is loaded with opportunity. However, it is very complex and unique. With extensive experience with Federal, State, Local and Education markets, we will help establish the appropriate go-to-market strategy and compliance programs for your business

Rewards and recognition programs are key performance drivers for any sales organization. We can help ensure your programs are aligned with the behaviors and results you need to be successful.

Change Management is the most critical part of any transformation and oftentimes the most overlooked. Our experience in leading change and transformation will help ensure you have a great plan to drive adoption throughout the organization.

Pyramid Point can help you understand your competition and how they are positioned in the marketplace. We can also simulate how they would respond to various opportunities to ensure you have a winning strategy.

We can help get to the bottom of the true cause for a performance condition. Through many years of experience in leading sales teams, we have developed proven processes that analyze current state, determine root cause and develop action plans to improve results.

Pyramid Point will help identify the sales activities that will deliver the best results in your organization. This includes developing the appropriate metrics and leading indicators that drive optimal results.

Strategy Development

Having the right sales strategy to win in the marketplace is the first step toward developing a world class sales organization. Pyramid Point can help build a plan to win and enable your organization to reach its full potential.

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